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Trump Jr. OBLITERATES Hypocritical Dems On Budget, Rakes Obama Over The Coals…



On Thursday, New York Times columnist Nick Kristof told CNN what he believed President Trump’s tax plan will do to the nation.

“It would completely blow up the deficit.”

Well, let’s just say that Donald Trump Jr., the president’s oldest son, was not having any of it.

“In 8 years, the prior admin almost doubles the debt aggregated by the US over its entire 240 years, and all of a sudden [the Democrats] are deficit hawks,” Trump Jr. posted on Twitter.


He’s far from being wrong — Democrats seem to live and breathe hypocrisy.

They were against government shutdowns, but now they’re about to cause one. They attack Wall Street every time they can, but remain silent when Obama schedules a $400,000 speech for Wall Street fat cats. with They ruin the nation’s debt in just eight years, and now they’re critiquing a plan that goes in the opposite direction of them.

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