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Trump Defies Russia Big-Time, Proves Liberals Are DEAD WRONG About Collusion…



The Trump administration proves, once again, that Democrat accusations of “total Russian collusion” are blatantly false.

The president and his staff have decided that they will not issue a waiver to ExxonMobil allowing them to avoid U.S.-imposed sanctions and continue drilling operations in Russia — which is a great loss for the soviet country.

The Daily Caller reports:

The Department of the Treasury, in consultation with President Donald Trump, announced it was rejecting waiver requests from Exxon and other companies looking to restart Russian operations disrupted by international sanctions.

“In consultation with President Donald J. Trump, the Treasury Department will not be issuing waivers to U.S. companies, including Exxon, authorizing drilling prohibited by current Russian sanctions,” Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin said in a statement.

Exxon lobbied the Obama administration to adjust sanctions so employees could leave the Russian Arctic. Obama granted Exxon temporary relief.

Exxon sought a Treasury Department waiver to resume a joint operation with Rosneft in the Black Sea, The Wall Street Journal reported. Former Exxon CEO Rex Tillerson hammered out the deal with Rosneft, a state-owned oil company, in 2012.

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