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North Korea Launches Ballistic Missile, So Rex Tillerson Answers In An Stunning Fashion…



Secretary of State Rex Tillerson is fed up.

Upon North Korea’s fourth missile launch within weeks, Tillerson set the record straight in a way only he could.

The State Department published a short, two-sentence statement after the country launched a single ballistic missile that landed in the waters near Japan on Tuesday — and there is a lot of undertone.

“North Korea launched another intermediate range ballistic missile. The United States has spoken enough about North Korea.”

“We have no further comment.”

The Daily Caller reports:

North Korea has fired multiple missiles since Donald Trump took office in January. White House officials said the country will definitely be discussed during the president’s visit with Chinese President Xi Jinping on Thursday and Friday.

“It is now urgent,” an official said as he briefed reporters Tuesday.

“We feel that the clock is very, very quickly running out. Again, we would have loved to see North Korea join the community of nations — they have been given that opportunity of the course of different dialogues and offers — but the clock has now run out and all options are on the table for us.”

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