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Maxine Waters Has Mental Breakdown On Twitter Over “Dangerous” Trump



Congresswoman Maxine Waters has long held the position of being one of President Trump’s number one critics. And not just a regular critic — more like a disgustingly nasty one, who obviously isn’t afraid to take the low road with her insults.

Her latest after-dinner attack on the commander-in-chief raises questions about her mental health. Launching political attacks on the opposite party’s leader is one thing, this woman has seemingly lost her mind.

The constant Tweet attack on Trump from Waters looks almost as though she has an unhealthy obsession with the man, as you’ll see below.

What is this woman’s deal?


Later, at an LA Press Club event, she called for the impeachment of President Trump.

It was her 22nd time calling for his impeachment. Does this lawmaker not care about doing the job her constituents hired her to do — like create jobs and make her communities prosperous again?

Instead, she uses nearly all of her available free time bashing Trump, spouting Russian conspiracy theories and trying desperately to hold on to her title of “social media darling.”

Please, for the love of America, go do something productive, ok?

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