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Liberals Are Freaking Out Over This Picture Of Melania Trump…



Liberals are just obsessed with race.

At the White House Egg Roll, events transpired throughout the day with many members of President Trump’s administration. There was a reading nook, special services, and a card-signing event, which First Lady Melania Trump attended.

And that is where the above photo was captured, depicting Melania Trump being embraced by a young, black girl.

Unfortunately, the left had to make a spectacle about it, further proving the superficiality of their value system and worldview.

“They found the only little black girl in the crowd and sat her next to Melania,” one Twitter user said, not knowing that there was another black girl located directly across the table, seated next to Barron.

“Did they rent an adorable black girl to sit beside Melania?” another person said.

“They found a person of color! And they put that poor girl next to Melania fast for the photo op!” someone commented.

The hypocrisy is simply stunning.

Liberals clamor about, looking for diversity in every single way — yet a picture of Melania Trump and a young black girl sets off a firestorm of outrage.

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