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JUST IN: Trey Gowdy To Go NUCLEAR On Susan Rice… She’s DONE



Obama’s best “liar-in-chief,” Susan Rice, is going to lose a lot more sleep over the coming weeks and months as the House Intel Committee, of which Rep. Trey Gowdy is a member, just dropped a major bomb about their plans for her.

Had Rice not lied to the American public on multiple, high-exposure occasions, perhaps she’d slip out of this without much fanfare. But Americans don’t like to be lied to — especially by nasty politicians.

Game on.

Hannity reports:

Congressional investigators are now engaged in a “full-blown investigation” into Susan Rice’s requests for the “unmasking” of individuals whose communications were intercepted by U.S. intelligence agencies, according to Fox News.

The House and Senate intelligence committees are expanding their investigation into the so-called “unmasking” controversy, Fox News has learned, to examine whether other candidates or lawmakers beyond President Trump’s associates were affected.

Until now, the investigation focused on how the identities and communications of Trump transition members were collected by U.S. intelligence agencies and then revealed to, and disseminated among, high-ranking members of the Obama administration.

“We will be performing an accounting of all unmasking for political purposes focused on the previous White House administration. This is now a full-blown investigation,” a member of the House Intelligence committee told Fox.

Fox News also reports that the House and Senate committees have expanded the investigation into whether presidential candidates were unmasked and information was misused and what roll Rice may have played in such unmaskings.

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