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JUST IN: Benghazi Hero Issues Stunning Ultimatum To Susan Rice… Her Time Is Up



Benghazi hero Kris “Tanto” Paronto has come out to issue his one and only demand for former National Security Advisor Susan Rice, who was discovered to have been “unmasking” Trump transition officials.

In a short and sweet manner during a Breitbart interview, he said that Rice “needs to be in jail” to prove that politicians and deep state elites “are no longer untouchable.”

He held nothing back going forward.

“I thought Hillary Clinton was bad,” Paronto said. “This woman [Susan Rice] surpasses her as far as her evilness and willingness to subvert America with this administration and to continually lie.” He added, “This woman broke the law. She put lives in danger. She put officers in danger. She put American citizens in danger by doing that. She has no value for human life unless it benefits her politics or benefits her friendship with the crooked administration that was in power for the previous eight years. That woman, at the very least, needs to be in jail. She has no value of human life.”

Instead, Paronto suggested Rice lied to protect Obama and questioned her allegiance to the United States. “There is no gray area; she lied. And she’s still protecting her mentor, Obama, from that administration. Her allegiance lies, for some reason misguidedly with them, not with the United States of America.”

Paronto also slammed Rice for her statements about how Bowe Bergdahl served with honor and distinction. “I didn’t know a traitor could serve with honorable distinction and then get six of his fellow soldiers killed trying to find him. The woman has no integrity. She should have no credibility. And honestly, in my opinion, she should be in prison for unmasking and putting American citizens in danger.”

He said he hopes President Trump and Attorney General Jeff Sessions will go after Rice but said, “I don’t think justice will take place because I haven’t seen it yet. Justice could have taken place with Hillary Clinton because she did violate national security; she did lie. Justice could have taken place when it was discovered that interim DNC Chairwoman Donna Brazile gave Clinton’s camp questions before a town hall debate while she was a contributor to CNN.”

He added, “Justice could happen with Susan Rice and her lying on national TV continually about a video causing Benghazi when it didn’t.”

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