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EXPOSED: Obama Knew a “Ridiculously Huge” DIRTY Secret About Syrian Weapons



It’s sad enough that Obama couldn’t follow through on his make-believe “red line” he drew concerning Syria’s use of chemical weapons. Believe it or not, it gets worse.

On Thursday, an Obama-era, internal Pentagon memo surfaced that contained bombshell information about Bashar Assad’s chemical weapon stockpile. It had more than a few folks shaking their heads.

Washington Times reports:

Syria produced a “ridiculously huge amount” of deadly sarin gas, says an internal Defense Department memo written amid the Obama administration’s effort to remove and destroy all the country’s chemical weapons.
That stockpile, which Obama aides declared was reduced to zero by summer 2014, is back in the news.

“Our incompetence did not get all of Assad’s chemical weapons,” said James Dolbow, a former Republican Senate defense aide.

It was Mr. Assad’s brutal use of sarin in August 2013 that prompted President Barack Obama to plan airstrikes on a wide number of Syrian military targets. The raids were averted when Russian President Vladimir Putin, an Assad protector, intervened and proposed that Syrian voluntarily give up its chemical weapons.

Then-Secretary of State John Kerry announced that all chemical weapons and components had been removed.

The memos are an email thread in which defense officials are discussing the amount of destruction completed by the Cap Ray. The estimate given was 600 metric tons of Syrian chemicals, most of which, 580 metric tons, was “sarin precursor DF,” or methylphosphonic difluoride. DF is mixed with other components to activate a binary bomb.

“The short answer is that Syria could have used that DF to make a RIDICULOUSLY HUGE amount of sarin,” one defense officials wrote on Aug. 15, 2014.

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