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DEVELOPING: China Makes MASSIVE Military Move On North Korean Border



With the world on the edge of its seat wondering if President Donald Trump will launch a Syria-like strike against North Korea, a South Korean news agency just reported that China is taking unprecedented steps to prepare for such a scenario.

What will be interesting to watch if the Trump admin does launch a strike on North Korea, is how China will react, given the recent positive meeting between the two nation’s leaders. Only time will tell.

Daily Mail reports:

The Chinese army has reportedly deployed 150,000 troops to the North Korean border to prepare for pre-emptive attacks after the United States dropped airstrikes on Syria.
President Donald Trump’s missile strike on Syria on Friday was widely interpreted as a warning to North Korea.

And now China, left shocked by the air strikes, has deployed medical and backup units from the People’s Liberation Army forces to the Yalu River, Korea’s reported.

The troops have been dispatched to handle North Korean refugees and ‘unforeseen circumstances’, such as the prospect of preemptive attacks on North Korea, the news agency said.

Meanwhile, the US Navy has moved the USS Carl Vinson aircraft carrier strike group from Singapore to North Korea after the country conducted more missile testing.

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