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BREAKING! GA Election SABOTAGED With Stunning Voter Fraud… Media REFUSES To Report!



Ending voter fraud is one of the Trump administration’s top priorities, as reports have shown that it’s running rampant in the United States.

Just one day before a critically important special election to fill HHS Sec. Tom Price’s vacated House seat in Georgia, someone stole four voting machines from a precinct in Georgia’s sixth district. However, it’s how the precinct manager handled it that has an entire community up in arms.

Free Beacon reports:

Voting machines for Georgia’s sixth district were reported stolen on Monday, just a day before the special congressional election.

The equipment was stolen from a Cobb County precinct manager’s vehicle on Saturday evening, but he did not immediately report the crime, WSB-TV reported on Monday.

Kemp’s office says Cobb County Elections waited two days to tell his office about the theft of the machines.

The four so-called ExpressPoll machines were the computers poll workers used to check-in voters, and check those off who cast ballots.

“It’s very shocking, especially with the climate we have of voter fraud out there,” one Georgia voter told Channel 2’s Ross Cavitt.

Cobb County Elections Director Janine Eveler said that the four four stolen machines will be completely replaced at the Piedmont Road precinct and that they cannot be used to fraudulently vote in Tuesday’s election.

Georgia’s Secretary of State Brian Kemp released a statement on Monday condemning the theft of the equipment.

“It is unacceptable that the Cobb County Elections Office waited two days to notify my office of this theft,” Kemp stated. “We have opened an investigation, and we are taking steps to ensure that it has no effect on the election tomorrow. I am confident that the results will not be compromised.”

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