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JUST IN: Tucker Carlson STUNS Mainstream Media…



Tucker Carlson is going to make sure his first show during Bill O’Reilly’s 8 PM time slot is memorable — and news outlets are rather shocked.

On Monday’s edition of Tucker Carlson Tonight, the rising Fox News Star is going to interview none other than Caitlyn Jenner.

Breitbart reports:

Carlson announced Friday that he had booked the Olympian, author and transgender reality-television star, who is also a political conservative, for a sit-down chat to air next week.

Carlson’s news and analysis program is moving from its 9 p.m. time-slot to the 8 p.m. spot, which was left vacant when Bill O’Reilly was ousted from the cable network, following public fury regarding sexual harassment allegations against the 20-year host of The O’Reilly Factor.

The Five — hosted by Kimberly Guilfoyle, Greg Gutfeld, Dana Perino and Bob Beckel — will move from 5 p.m. to 9 p.m., without longtime panelist Eric Bolling, who is getting his own 5 p.m. show, starting May 1.

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