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Trump Asked About America’s Vets, Instantly Makes Heartwarming Statement About VA…



President Donald Trump told Fox & Friends’ Pete Hegseth that “we wouldn’t be here if it weren’t for” veterans.

On Thursday, Trump promised to “take care of” America’s vets, upon being asked about reform within the VA.

“They have not been taken care of properly. David [Shulkin], who you know is the new secretary [of Veterans Affairs], is going to do a fantastic job.”

“He has a group of people with him and the enthusiasm is incredible,” Trump continued. “You see it already the results already have been incredible.”

Hegseth added that Shulkin will “fire a few more people at the VA if they aren’t conducting themselves well.”

“He wants to get good people, I will tell you,” the President responded. “He wants to get good people more so than firing, and it’s time because the VA has not done so well.”



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