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What Pelosi Said About “Uninsured Americans” 3 Years Ago Proves She’s A Flaming Hypocrite



Rep. Nancy Pelosi has quite the knack for flip-flopping her political positions.

While House Republicans have been refining their new healthcare legislation, Pelosi recently expressed her disdain at the Congressional Budget Office’s report that ” several millions will lose coverage” under the GOP’s plan, saying they need to “pull the bill.”

However, she seems to have forgotten the words she uttered at a 2014 press stakeout regarding the Obamacare signup deadline.

A reporter asked the following question: “Madam Leader, isn’t the real measure of success not the raw number who signed up, but how many of those who signed up were not insured before?”

Then, the hypocrisy begins.

“No,” Pelosi answered. “The measure is two-fold. The measure is how many more people have access to health care — quality, affordable, health care and insurance — than who didn’t before.”

Oops? So, she doesn’t care about how many are insured? Make up your mind!

Then, mere moments later, she dropped this gem:

“So this is about the quality and the affordability.  And affordability: that’s why it has that name.  It’s affordable, again, to individuals, to families, to businesses, and to the public sector in terms of the role,” she said.

Nancy Pelosi is a hypocrite of the first degree. Watch:

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