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Obama Not Happy After His Home State Rejects Him BIG TIME…



President Obama is not thrilled that he’s been rejected yet again — this time by his home state.

On Tuesday, the Illinois legislature rejected a bill that would recognize former Illinois Senator and President Barack Obama’s birthday as a state holiday.

Free Beacon reports:

Although Obama received a warm reception from his former colleagues last year when he delivered a speech on the Illinois House floor, lawmakers voted against designating his birthday as a state holiday, the Chicago Tribune reported.

Under a new proposal, state facilities and schools would close each year on Aug. 4, Obama’s birthday. But opponents said while it might be good to recognize the former president and ex-state lawmaker, people shouldn’t get the day off work. The House measure received 54 votes, six votes short of what it needed to be approved and sent to Obama’s old stomping grounds in the Illinois Senate.

Sponsoring Rep. Sonya Harper, D-Chicago, used a parliamentary move that will keep the measure alive for another try should she gather enough support — it’s more than likely that it still will not pass.

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