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Nancy Pelosi Uses “The Children” To Attack Trump’s Budget…



House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi has reverted to her old ways with this new Republican administration.

On Thursday, she attacked President Trump’s 2018 budget proposal, saying it proves that he doesn’t care about families and children.

“The budget is a statement of values, and President Trump has shown he does not value the future of children and working families,” she said.

Washington Examiner reports:

Pelosi and other Democrats have argued for years that GOP proposals to cut federal spending amounts to an attack against people who need federal assistance.

Trump’s plan would cut $54 billion in social spending to boost defense and national security, but Pelosi said it overvalues those parts of the government.

“The president’s budget blueprint fails to recognize America’s strength depends on more than military spending; it depends on the power of our diplomacy, the health of our economy and the vitality of our communities,” she said. “This budget would devastate the innovation that drives our economy, the research that cures our diseases, the education that empowers our children, and the skills training programs that enable our workers to win the good-paying jobs of the modern economy.”

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