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Nancy Pelosi Claims New Secret Will Be The “End” Of Donald Trump



(GAD) Nancy Pelosi continues to press her deranged attacks on Donald Trump.

Now she has settled on a new target and is claiming this secret is a ticking time bomb that could undo the Trump presidency.

Democrats and the media have pushed for months to be able to dig through Donald Trump’s tax returns.

Trump has stated he is under audit, and would be foolish to release his returns until the audit is completed. The American people went into the voting booths with the knowledge Trump had not released his tax returns, and judged the matter not to be important.

But the left believes there are hidden secrets in Trump’s returns. They continue to buy into the conspiracy theory that Trump is concealing his returns to hide his ties to Russia — and Pelosi is leading this charge.

CNS News reports:

Democrats are demanding to see Donald Trump’s tax returns because they want the “facts” and the “truth,” including “any personal embarrassment to the president,” House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (d-calif.) told a news conference on Wednesday:

“The tax returns, many believe, are part of the Russian connection, the disruption of our election, the money pouring into the trump organization, any personal embarrassment to the president — we want to know the truth, and we can start by seeing his tax returns. Which is not an extraordinary request – unless you’re Donald Trump and think you’re above custom, tradition and maybe even the law…”

“What does the president have to hide?” Pelosi asked at Wednesday’s news conference. “what do the Russians have on Donald Trump, personally, politically and financially, that he is keeping a secret? Why are the Republicans in congress accomplices to that secrecy? Why are the Republicans in congress voting to say ‘no, we don’t think he should release his tax returns?’ it’s a very bad vote for them.”

The left-leaning ProPublica consulted three tax experts — none of whom would be classified as Trump supporters — who said Trump’s tax returns would not show any connection to the Russians.

And they also noted there is no evidence such ties exist.

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