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Nancy Pelosi Acted Bizarre, Sounded Drunk In New Press Conference [WATCH]



She slurred her words.

She sporadically broke out into laughter.

She awkwardly repeated phrases.

California Rep. Nancy Pelosi had a disastrous press conference on the issue of President Trump’s new budget, leaving everyone thinking she was either drunk or off her medication.

“Our mission is about the future, it’s about the future and that future demands that we invest in education, in health, in health and well being of the American people, and our families, for our children, our children, our children,” she said.

Turing her sights to the upcoming holiday, she said, “So I wish you a happy St. Patrick’s Day. As we have St. Patrick’s Day lunch, we have have a common — a moment of uh, of um, what?” and burst into laughter.


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