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Mike Pence’s Latest Move Is Making Liberal College Students Go Bonkers…



Progressives at the University of Notre Dame are in a complete uproar over the fact that Vice President Mike Pence will be delivering their spring commencement address in May, while also receiving a degree from the university.

Some are boycotting, some are protesting, and many are just whining.

Notre Dame senior Xitlaly Estrada and her friends are very sad that their big day will be compromised by Pence’s presence.

“A lot of us are concerned for our families’ comfort,” says Estrada, president of the Latino Student Alliance. According to NBC News, Estrada and other LSA members worry that their guests will feel unwelcome at a ceremony honoring an administration that has “degraded” their Hispanic identities.

Estrada can’t seem to cope with a differing political opinion, explaining that “having a commencement speaker that is diametrically opposed to everything I am and everything I stand for is very heartbreaking.” Like so many college students, they have been conditioned to believe that they should not have to hear any opinion that disagrees with their own.

However, as Indiana’s 50th governor, Pence is thrilled about the honor, and is not letting the controversy get to him. In a White House statement, he noted:

“The young adults in the Class of 2017 will leave school with the charge and opportunity to make new discoveries and assume leadership roles that will make a profound impact benefiting the lives of millions of people. The hopes of their parents and our country go with them as they enter a world filled with optimism for the future.”

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