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Mike Pence Demands Apology After Media Makes Disgusting Move Against His Wife…



Vice President Mike Pence is standing up for his wife through the publication of a scathing email, ripping a media outlet that printed his wife’s personal email address.

The Washington Examiner reports:

Pence is demanding the Associated Press apologize for publishing and then refusing to take down a story with the email address of Karen Pence.

“When we requested they take it down, they refused. The @AP owes my wife an apology,” Pence tweeted Saturday, along with a copy of a letter to the news outlet from Mark Paoletta, counsel to the vice president.

In a Friday story, the Associated Press published Pence’s active private email address to millions of its readers. In turn, Paoletta said, Mrs. Pence was subjected to “vitriolic and malicious emails and raised serious security concerns.”

“There was absolutely no reason to publish this private email address, and you should be ashamed of your reprehensible conduct,” Paoletta added.

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