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Liberal Calls Judge Gorsuch A “White Supremacist,” So Tucker Carlson DESTROYS Him…



Tucker Carlson is on fire.

He crushed the Working Families Party’s communication director, Joe Dinkier, regarding accusations that President Trump’s Supreme Court nominee, Judge Neil Gorsuch, is a white supremacist.

NTK reports:

Carlson asked Joe Dinkin about a letter his group sent around to senators which claims Judge Neil Gorsuch “has an extreme ideological agenda supported by some of the most dangerous ultraconservative and white nationalist groups,” and what exactly they meant by this.

Dinkin attempted to dodge the question by claiming that Gorsuch has sided against working-class Americans in every decision that he has made.

“Back up here,” Carlson interjected. “You’re trying to tar him with the brush of white supremacy, and my question is, on the basis of what evidence did you say that?”

“Trump has this Muslim ban he keeps intending to trying to pass, it has been swatted down by judges twice,” Dinkin responded, “and I haven’t heard Gorsuch forcefully denounce a Muslim ban.”

At this point, Carlson erupted into laughter before responding: “So because Gorsuch hasn’t come out during the nomination process – I think is what you are saying – during his own nomination process and attacked Trump’s travel ban, you call him a white supremacist? That’s so unfair, it’s hard to believe you’re actually saying that.”

Dinkin responded by saying, “it’s one of the core questions of public policy right now.”

Carlson pointed out that this was the first of four days that have been scheduled for Gorsuch’s confirmation hearings, and also stated that “a Supreme Court justice’s job is not to formulate public policy, it’s to interpret the Constitution.”

“[Gorsuch] has fallen way short of the standard,” Dinkin started to interject.

Carlson quickly interpreted saying, “you tried to tie him to white supremacists. I just want you to concede that whatever one can say about him or his record that is an unfair thing to say ,and you shouldn’t say things like that unless you have reason for saying them, and you don’t.”

“I think short of him denouncing Trump’s Muslim ban he comes pretty close to that line,” Dinkin responded.

At this point, Carlson erupted saying that his children haven’t denounced Trump’s travel ban, and asked Dinkin if that makes them white supremacist as well.

“I think there’s are a lot of problems with the nomination of Gorsuch,” Dinkin started, in an attempt to change the subject, but Carlson didn’t have it.

“You said something appalling and unfair. Just concede it, and let’s move on, how’s that,” Carlson asked Dinkin.

Dinkin responded by telling Carlson that he would like to move on from the subject.

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