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Home Depot Founder Attacked Viciously After Making STUNNING Statement About Trump…



Ken Langone, a founder of the Home Depot, told CNBC on Monday that President Trump will “be one of our greatest presidents ever” if he’s able to keep defying expectations and break through congress’ ineptitude.

And now, it seems that single statement has sparked a boycott of the improvement supplies retailer, with the far-left groups going bonkers.

However, Langone wasn’t done there — he had a whole lot more to say in his interview.

Voters are “fed up,” Langone said on “Squawk Box.” “They did a very dramatic, earth-shattering thing,” and now want results, he said.

Langone warned the Republicans that they could lose their majorities in the House and the Senate if lawmakers fail to seize this Trump-created opportunity. “We own the next 25 years as a nation [if we act].”

“If you guys don’t get your guys into a room and say ‘Guys this is our moment.’ The American people will throw you out too, the next time,” he warned House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy who also appeared as a guest Monday on “Squawk Box.”

“[Trump] has the capacity to go down as one of our greatest presidents ever” if he’s able to bring about big changes in health care, tax cuts and $1 trillion of infrastructure upgrades, Langone said.

“The American people elected him president, in my mind, for one reason: they don’t want incremental change. They want major change,” said Langone, founder and CEO of investment bank Invemed Associates, specializing in health-care and high-technology companies.

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