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CNN Host Calls Anti-Obamacare Single Mother “Cheap,” Instantly Regrets It [VIDEO]




Mary Katherine Ham — a single mother with two children — was railing against Obamacare’s “essential health benefits,” or benefits that health insurance companies are required to offer in all of their plans.

And she was called “cheap” by CNN’s Chris Cuomo for not wanting insurance for things she doesn’t need — and she responded perfectly.

Initially, Cuomo said “there was a reason” for unnecessary insurance requirements.

“Yeah, because liberals love federal power,” Ham shot back.

Cuomo wasn’t having any of Ham’s criticism, though.

“Look, you can be cheap about it or you can look at the facts. You make your choice,” the CNN host prodded.

Ham kept her cool, and calmly replied to Cuomo’s jab by saying, “You can be nasty about it, or you can listen to me.”

She then proceeded to derail him with facts. WATCH:

“State by state, you’ve got different regulations, right? The reason they built it into the [Affordable Care Act] was because states weren’t covering it because you have insured falls,” she said.

Ham then defended states’ rights to regulate health insurers as they see fit.

“They were not covering all of the things, sometimes including pediatric dental for single men with no children. …These things bring up the prices,” Ham explained. “People are getting coverage that they cannot use because it is so expensive.”

“One of the ways you can deal with that is by cutting some of these ‘essential health benefits’ because some of them are indeed not essential. And you could give people more flexibility to have slightly less expensive and slightly less comprehensive plans, which is what many young people would like to buy,” Ham added, referring to the fact that younger, healthier adults not buying health insurance is among the reasons costs have skyrocketed under Obamacare,” she concluded.

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