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BOMBSHELL: Hillary Campaign Requested Obama’s Nuclear Secrets… Media SILENT



“Clinton campaign sent access request to U.S. nuclear weapons secrets over email.”

That’s what Wikileaks tweeted out Friday morning, posting two documents confirming the fact.

However, the mainstream media is still on the topic of Kellyanne Conway’s “feet on the couch” and the unsubstantiated claims that Jeff Sessions met with Russian ambassadors during the 2016 campaign season.

Former Clinton Campaign Manager John Podesta was sent PDF documents on the Department of Justice’s “nuclear training,” which is required before accessing the official “Nuclear Weapons Data.” Here’s what a few lines in the training manual says:

Σ15 Information — That category of sensitive information (including bypass scenarios) concerning the vulnerability of nuclear weapons to a deliberate unauthorized nuclear detonation or to the denial of authorized use.

Σ15 Information — That category of sensitive information concerning the design and function of nuclear weapon use control systems, features, and components. This includes use control for passive and active systems. It may include security verification features or weapon design features not specifically part of a use control system.

No reason was given as to why Podesta needed access to the Obama administration’s nuclear data — but one can only guess.

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