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Mexican Official Vows To Sabotage Trump’s Deportation With Shocking Legal Move…



A Mexican official has a plan to stop Immigration Customs and Enforcement and President Trump’s deportation mandates.

On Tuesday’s “Tucker Carlson Tonight,” Mexican official Jorge Castañeda revealed his procedure to curtail the “America First” immigration policies of the new American president:

“Yes, I want to use the U.S. judicial system — the immigration courts in particular — to jam, to backlog it so perhaps President Trump will change his mind and stop this ridiculous policy — this unpleasant and hostile policy — of deporting people.” (Jorge Castañeda to Tucker Carlson, Foxnews, 2/14/17.)

He plans on making it impossible for criminal illegal aliens to be completely deported — whom the new administration has promised to give them the boot first — by making it extremely time-consuming and expensive.

After the travel moratorium, one of Trump’s first executive orders, was quickly suspended by a rogue judge in Seattle, Washington, it’s a given that the Trump administration will face a lot of backlash from activist judges on the courts.

Here’s the exchange:

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