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BREAKING: Trump’s Border Detention Center Just Made A WILD Move… Media SILENT



Well, if this doesn’t say it all, we don’t know what does.

Back in December, Customs and Border Protection opened a holding facility for illegal border-crossers in Donna, Texas.

But on Wednesday, in a stunningly quick move, CBP announced the detention center was no longer needed — the spike of illegal immigration under Barack Obama’s watch has declined rapidly under the short tenure Trump administration.

KRGV reports:

The Donna detention center’s purpose was to help deal with a spike in people requesting asylum at Valley ports of entry and people crossing the river illegally.

CBP suspended operations at the temporary facility Friday due to, “A continual decline in the total number of apprehended and inadmissible alien migrants in custody at the facility, along with manageable processing of migrants at previously impacted CBP Ports of Entry and Stations.”

Border Patrol officials moved 150 agents to the Rio Grande Valley Sector in November to help with the surge of migrant apprehensions. Officials have not stated if those agents are being returned to their home sectors or if they are remaining deployed.

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