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Trump Makes MASSIVE Demand To NASA… Could Save Taxpayers $10 BILLION



President Donald Trump values the American taxpayers money — and his latest move proves that.

The Daily Caller reports:

NASA intends to send astronauts to orbit the moon in 2018 at the apparent request of President Trump, potentially saving taxpayers $10 billion dollars.

Robert Lightfoot, NASA’s acting administrator, sent a letter to the space agency’s employees saying they should “explore the feasibility” of sending astronauts to orbit the moon in 2018, apparently at the request of the Trump administration.

Speeding up NASA’s plans to orbit the moon with astronauts could save money in the long term.

“An imperative to accelerate the schedule in this way is long overdue,” Dr. Robert Zubrin, who helped design plans for NASA’s manned mission to Mars and wrote the “The Case For Mars,” told The Daily Caller News Foundation.

“Moving the first piloted SLS [Space Launch System] flight from 2022 to 2018 will save the taxpayers four years of SLS spending to get to the same objective, with a total saving in the $10 billion range,” Zubrin said.

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