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Scott Baio Makes Stunning Announcement After Ivanka Trump Merchandise Dropped…



Actor and outspoken Trump-supporter Scott Baio made a major admission and announcement — all at once.

The Happy Days star was not particularly thrilled with Nordstrom’s decision to cut all ties with Ivanka Trump, so he first tweeted out a picture revealing the startling amount he spent with the department store in 2016 alone.

$30,062.16 was the grand total on the receipt.

And, as for the announcement, Baio simply wrote: “Dear Nordstrom, NEVER AGAIN!”

The picture has since gone viral, getting thousands of retweets, continuing the consumer war between companies who approve and disapprove of President Trump’s policies.

Here’s the tweet:

Many department stores and clothing companies are abandoning Ivanka Trump’s line under mounting pressure from the left to abandon anything having to do with the president.

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