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Rand Paul DESTROYS Spineless Republicans On Obamacare Repeal… This Is BRUTAL



In a brilliant op-ed, Sen. Rand Paul blistered spineless Republicans who are stalling an Obamacare repeal. Here’s what he says:

“Weak-kneed Republicans are starting to stammer, talk of delay and say we can’t repeal all of Obamacare. One GOP plan even keeps the Obamacare taxes. Another GOP plan says to blue states: ‘If you like Obamacare, you can keep it!’ and red states will pay for it. Other GOP plans want to keep Obamacare subsidies but rename them refundable tax credits.

“Conservatives need to unite behind immediate and complete repeal!

“At the same time, conservatives need to rally to a plan that allows more people to buy insurance at a cheaper price. I have just such a plan, and it is gaining momentum.

“We should not hesitate. Repeal and Replacement should happen as soon as humanly possible.

“Each day, more stories appear about when to repeal, when and how to replace, and every day it seems some in my party lose their nerve.

“Let me be as clear as I possibly can: The time is NOW.

“We must keep our promises and FULLY repeal Obamacare, every bit of it. We must also at the same time offer to the American people our plan for healthcare going forward, and it must take us away from government control and toward a free market.

“Big Government approaches are wrong, whether they are offered by Democrats and Republicans. We must move in another direction.”

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