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Liberals Slam Trump Over “Fake” Sweden Attacks… Then This Stunning Map Is Posted



Over the weekend, President Trump has been blasted for making a slip-up when talking about Sweden’s immigration epidemic.

However, instead of the left merely countering Trump’s mistake — in which he got a Fox News report mixed up — they went too far, deciding to completely deny that the Sweden, the “rape capital of the world,” is doing just fine.

Well, it’s most definitely not.

A new interactive map published by a Sweden resident shows how bad the situation really is.

The map highlights some shocking numbers in Sweden, all which have happened just in the last seven years. There have been 550 recorded rape/sexual assault cases, 652 accommodation incidents with refugees, 571 cases of criminal activity by those of Middle-Eastern descent, and a compiled list of 53 “no-go zones.”

This is what the media does not want Americans to see (a pop-up will open with the entire interactive map):


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