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Liberals Say Pruitt Will Destroy The Environment… But Do They Remember What Obama Did?



The Obama administration was no friend of the environment.

In fact, they killed it several times over.

The most prominent example of this disastrous administration was when Obama’s EPA wrecked havoc on the Colorado River. Here’s the stunning report by Colorado Public Radio:

“The Environmental Protection Agency accidentally spilled 3 million gallons of orange wastewater when studying the mine in August 2015. Many mines in the area drain thousands of gallons of water laced with heavy metals every day. Clean-up in the area is highly complex, and expensive.”

It’s going to take years — perhaps a decade — to full clean the pollution.

Here’s some photos:

Scott Pruitt has made it clear that he wants more landowners in charge of their own property, reducing the stranglehold of federal regulations on farmers, miners, and businesses.

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