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Judge Who Shut Down Trump’s Travel Ban Faces Real-World Consequences



Last week, an activist judge in Washington succumbed to the media’s lies and brought down President Trump’s executive order regarding his temporary travel ban.

Now the federal judge is going to responsible for whatever consequences may occur by the 100+ unvetted refugees who were rushed into the United States after Trump’s executive action was upended.

Refugee Resettlement Watch posted the State Department’s refugee figures on Tuesday.

It noted that the Trump administration “gave a reprieve to 872 refugees who were on the way to America” when he signed the orders. As of Tuesday, the 872 have made it in as well as 84 others.

“One hundred Syrians have been rushed in here between 2/5 (Sunday) and 2/7 (early this a.m.),” said the refugee watch website. “The bureaucrats at [State] are still running the show apparently! Imagine the hustling that must have gone on at the UN, at IOM and in the Department of State on Sunday getting these Syrians on planes!”

This report alludes to the fact that there are many Democrats still leftover in the State-Department from the Obama administration, causing a massive rift with Trump’s policies.

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