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ESPN Host Says “USA” Chanters Are “Monkeys”



Some people compare those they don’t like to monkeys.

Some people don’t appreciate a good ol’ USA chant.

Some people are both.

ESPN reporter Michelle Beadle is the co-host for Sportsnation and ESPN2 — and she is apparently not a fan the pro-Trump sentiments happening at CPAC 2017.

During the president’s speech, a riled-up crowd began a roaring USA chant and Beadle decided to drop the the sports act and go political.

“Chant, monkeys, chant,” she tweeted.

Imagine if Curt Schilling said exactly those words during a Barack Obama speech — he’d be fired on the spot and his career would be shot.

Now, it’s understandable that the ESPN network is furious at conservatives — after all, Breitbart News beat out the massive sports network for the first time, beating them in every website statistic imaginable.

However, the winning on the conservative side does not justify such mean-spirited comments.

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