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Chelsea Clinton Outraged After Congressman Tells The TRUTH About “White” Terrorism…



Attempts to play the race card when it comes to Islamic terrorism will be in vain — and Chelsea Clinton learned that the hard way.

On Tuesday afternoon, Hillary Clinton’s daughter did not appreciate the notion provided by Republican Rep. Sean Duffy that Islamic terrorism happens to be a bigger threat than “white terrorism.”

In an interview with CNN host Alisyn Camerota, Rep. Duffy — who was berated for prioritizing ISIS over “white” terrorists” — said that ISIS attacks have “spread throughout Europe and the Middle East,” whereas white terrorist attacks, such as the shooting at a mosque in Canada recently, do not have a widespread effect since they’re not a part of a “larger movement.”

Clinton, who may reportedly run for Congress, was infuriated by Duffy’s response, saying, “What???? Did he actually say “on both sides”?? And here I thought it was extremists of ANY background who pose a threat to ALL OF US…!!!”

But she plugged her ears at a truth she did not like one bit.

Duffy did, in fact, say white extremists pose a threat — but he also noted that such attacks are rarer than those carried out by ISIS, which have scattered refugees around the world. Here’s the video of the CNN exchange:

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