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BREAKING: Refugee Arrested For SICKENING Act, Instantly Proves Trump RIGHT



President Trump’s immigration ban has been the talk of the town, stirring up controversy among Democrats and exposing the activist court system.

However, another arrest has been made in which refugees are the culprit, further proving the president’s intent to keep Americans safe from harm.

Global News reports:

A 39-year-old man has been charged in connection with several sexual assaults that occurred at the West Edmonton Mall World Waterpark over the weekend — and interestingly enough, this was the last straw for the local officials, as they immediately banned all migrants from swimming in the pool.

On Saturday, Police were called to the waterpark before noon. The officers stated a man inappropriately touched multiple teenage girls while they were swimming at the waterpark, committing sexual assault.

“The girls were very courageous in coming forward and talking to the lifeguard, that’s not always the case,” EPS spokesperson Scott Pattison said.

“It’s very traumatizing and I’m sure it made them feel extremely vulnerable so they deserve our support.”
Police arrested a man on scene and took him into custody.

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