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BREAKING: Trump Sounds The Muslim Brotherhood’s Death Knell



The Muslim Brotherhood has connections to HAMAS, an alliance with CAIR, and the stated goal of implementing a full “Islamic state,” coinciding with various Islamic terror groups.

So, why isn’t the Muslim Brotherhood labeled a terrorist group? That’s what the Trump administration wants to find out — and reverse.

The Hill reports:

President Trump’s advisers are considering an order that would list the Muslim Brotherhood as a foreign terrorist organization, The New York Times reported Tuesday.

Current and former Trump administration officials told the Times the measure would also designate Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps. and its Quds Force as terror groups as well.

Leaders of both already appear on a government terrorism list, but Republicans have urged adding the corps itself as a message to Tehran.

The Iran portions of the plan have strong momentum in the White House, while the Muslim Brotherhood section is less favored, the report said.

Trump’s chief strategist and senior counselor Steve Bannon has prominently criticized the Brotherhood and its goals.

Bannon called the group “the foundation of modern terrorism” in a proposed 2007 film on radical Islam, according to a summary obtained by The Washington Times last week.

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