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BREAKING: Shots Fired At Hospital…



Ben Taub Hospital in Houston was locked down Tuesday amid reports of a shooting, according to sources.

Houston police confirmed that about 2 p.m. they received reports of shots being fired inside the hospital. It was not immediately clear if anyone was injured.

Police said that SWAT officers were being dispatched to the scene.

A spokesman for the hospital said the “Code White,” which is the code for an active shooter, was issued but the incident does not appear to be ongoing.

Sources close to KPRC Channel 2 confirmed that the facility has been locked down.

A source forwarded to KPRC Channel 2 the following message which was sent to employees of Baylor College of Medicine, which is near the hospital:

“Active shooter situation at Ben Taub Hospital. Do not go to Ben Taub Hospital. If at Ben Taub, follow emergency response guidelines of the hospital. More details as it becomes available.”

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