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BREAKING: McCain Slams Crucial Trump Campaign Promise… Americans Are LIVID



Arizona Sen. John McCain is attempting to circumvent President Trump’s “America First” agenda once again.

And at the top rung of Trump’s policies is immigration — the demand that Mexico fund the wall as a reparation for the harm illegals have done.

Here’s the transcript of what McCain told CNN:

MCCAIN: If you only build a wall, only a wall, without using technology individuals and drones, observation, et cetera, you’re not going to secure the border.

REPORTER: Obviously he’s talking about having Mexico pay for it. Do you think that’s a viable option?


REPORTER: Why do you say that?

MCCAIN: Because it’s not a viable option.

REPORTER: Taxpayers could be left with the bill.

MCCAIN: Taxpayers are paying a lot of money right now, one of the biggest problems we have is the enforcement of existing law.

It’s time for John McCain to jump on Trump’s bus or risk being sent back home.

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