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BREAKING: Ivanka Trump Gets Devastating News…



One of Ivanka Trump’s top distributors has dropped her clothing-line from their stores and website.

Nordstrom claims that they decided to stop buying her line due to “a decline in sales.”

“In this case, based on the brand’s performance we’ve decided not to buy it for this season,” a Nordstrom spokesperson told Business Insider.

However, this excuse is not surprising.

An open letter from woman who described herself as a “lifelong Nordstrom customer” called President Trump’s eldest daughter’s brand “toxic.”

Nordstrom held their ground initially — because their warehouses and backrooms were filled with freshly-ordered Trump clothing — saying it the decision to sell Trump’s products wasn’t a political position.

“We hope that offering a vendor’s products isn’t misunderstood as us taking a political position; we’re not,” the company said at the time. “We recognize our customers can make choices about what they purchase based on personal views and we’ll continue to give them options.”

The decision to drop Ivanka Trump’s clothing-line is purely political — they’ve just now caved to the pressure put on by the left.

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