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BREAKING: Congress Kills Major Obama Rule…



President Trump campaigned hard on reviving the coal industry, saying he would cut regulations and restrictions very quickly.

On Thursday, Congress made the first step in following through with that promise.

The Senate passed a resolution, 54-45, that repealed hundreds of regulations on the coal industry that were issued last-minute by the outgoing Obama administration.

This vote comes one day after the House originally voted to scrap these Obama regulations. President Trump is expected to sign it, which will complete the removal of Obama’s 11th hour rules.

Washington Examiner reports:

In killing the Environmental Protection Agency’s last-minute Stream Protection Rule, the Republican leadership called it a rushed regulation that blindsided states with unnecessary and burdensome rules for coal mining.

Most Democrats opposed the resolution as a step backward for the environment, with Sen. Maria Cantwell of Washington, the top Democrat on the Energy and Natural Resources Committee, leading the charge during the debate Thursday morning.

The resolution of disapproval allows Congress to repeal regulations under the Congressional Review Act using a simple majority vote.

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