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Bold Congressman Backs Trump’s SCOTUS Pick, Calls Out George Soros BY NAME…



Texas Rep. Louis Gohmert poured praise upon President Trump’s SCOTUS pick, Neil Gorsuch — and in doing that, he also called out the protestors who are being directly funded by George Soros’ multitude of political groups.

First, here’s what Gohmert said about Gorsuch on Alex Marlow’s radio show:

“This is exactly why I got behind Donald Trump. This is why I was excited election night, is because we all expected Trump to keep his word. He has. He picked somebody from the list, and, in fact, he didn’t just pick somebody from the list; he may have picked the very best person from the list.”

Then, he switched gears and went directly into calling out the demonstrators’ fallacy that Trump and Gorsuch are “stealing” Merrick Garland’s seat from former President Obama.

“This is fake news. This is people who are just out there to create the appearance of obstruction,” he said. “You know, Patrick Poole, remember back in one of the demonstrations on the Mall, caught one of the guys: ‘Hey, how much are you getting paid?’ He said, ‘$15 an hour. I thought everybody was getting that.’ They’re getting paid. The Soros money gets spread around. And actually, unfortunately, sometimes it’s our own government money that’s funding some of the obstructionism. But we have got to see this country through this and get Gorsuch confirmed so that this country will go on and still have a chance to survive, with our freedom intact,” he urged.

Listen to the entire interview here.

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