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OOPS: Mecca’s Immigration Ban Is 1000x Worse Than Trump’s Immigration Ban…



Donald Trump’s executive order banning refugees from seven warn-torn, terror-ridden countries is minor-league stuff.

If you were to flip the script, a completely different story unfolds.

It just so happens that Mecca, a city in Saudi Arabia considered by Muslims to be the “holiest city” of Islam, has the most severe immigration ban of any city or country around the world.

If you’re not a Muslim, you’re not allowed to enter — and it’s been that way for centuries.

Yet, when Donald Trump’s 90-day ban on several Middle Eastern countries goes into effect, the left is in an absolute uproar. Why weren’t they calling out the intolerance of the Mecca’s immigration policies? Why are they protesting Trump’s immigration ban when it’s merely temporal and is to buy time to create a better vetting process?

Because the left has a mandate to be irrational and not question minorities. Check out this highway sign on the route to Mecca:

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