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OOPS: Here’s What CNN Showed Behind Obama At His Armed Forces Farewell…



Or, actually, what wasn’t behind him.

During President Obama’s final remarks to the military as Commander-in-Chief, there was an incredible amount of empty, abandoned seats shown behind him on national TV.

The crowd in front of the president was also relatively pale, but CNN and other mainstream news outlets used manipulative camera angles to make the audience seems larger and more lively — much like what they did for Hillary Clinton’s rallies during her failed campaign.

“Thank you for your patriotism. Thank you for your professionalism. Thank you for your character,” Obama directed at the military service members in the audience.

He delivered a very generalistic message regarding the military, thanking them constantly — but also bragged about his biggest blunder, in which the Islamic State group was created.

“We brought most of our troops home — from nearly 180,000 troops in Iraq and Afghanistan down to 15,000 today,” Obama proudly stated.

And yet, the world is in more peril and danger than ever before.

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