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Trump Didn’t Include Saudi Arabia In Immigration Ban… And Here’s Why



Many in conservative circles are curious as to why President Donald Trump’s latest executive order pertaining to an immigration ban on refugees from several Middle Eastern countries did not include Saudi Arabia.

There’s two possibly explanations — both of which would be smart moves by the president.

First, Saudi Arabia simply does not have refugees fleeing their country.

From October 2015 to May 2016, Pew Research measured out the origin of United States refugees in a chart — and, to the surprise of many, Saudi Arabia did not even make the list.

Here’s the chart:

Another reason may be even bigger — we get far too much oil from Saudi Arabia. If anything were severed in that relationship, Americans would be hurting at the gas pump.

It was a smart move by Trump to avoid any tensions or conflict with Saudi Arabia — tacking them onto the immigration ban list isn’t worth it, nor will it harm U.S. citizens physically and economically.

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