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BREAKING: Rudy Giuliani Gets A Job



Rudy Giuliani gets a job — except there’s no official title.

The former New York City mayor will assist President-elect Donald Trump on cyber security matters within the private sector, a lengthy press release from Trump team discloses.

“This is a rapidly evolving field both as to intrusions and solutions and it is critically important to get timely information from all sources,” the press release reads.

It continues:

In addition, from time to time because of the changing nature of this problem, it is contemplated that the President-elect will be hosting a series of meetings with senior corporate executives from companies which have faced or are facing challenges similar to those facing the government and public entities today, such as hacking, intrusions, disruptions, manipulations, theft of data and identities, and securing information technology infrastructure.

Giuliani has been tossed around within the transition, having been potential picks for secretary of state and attorney general.

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