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BREAKING: London’s Muslim Mayor Insults Trump…



London’s Muslim mayor is not happy.

Sadiq Khan has officially demanded that President Donald Trump’s visit to the United Kingdom be cancelled — ironically, after a highly productive meeting with U.K. Prime Minister Teresa May.

Khan reportedly told Sky News, “I don’t think he should be coming on a state visit while the ban is in place, I couldn’t be clearer.”

“I am quite clear, this ban is cruel, this ban is shameful, while this ban is in place we should not be rolling out the red carpet for President Trump,” he added.

In essence, he responded to Trump’s protectionism with blatant intolerance.

The Daily Caller reports:

Khan’s demand comes after Trump issued an executive order restricting travel into the United States from several Muslim-majority countries.

Despite the fact that the executive order leaves most of the world’s Muslims untouched and unrestricted to travel to the U.S., several news outlets like Slate, Al-Jazeera, and the New York Times editorial board reported Trump issued a “Muslim Ban.”

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