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UNREAL: Tim Kaine Says Trump’s National Security Advisor Is Worse Than A “Fourth Grader”



By now, many people know about Gen. Michael Flynn’s son tweeting about the controversial “Pizzagate” scandal, which consists of the theory that a large-scale child sex ring is being operated right in Washington DC.

And, according to citizen investigators, the Clintons play a major role in it.

However, Sen. Tim Kaine spoke out about the ordeal, targeting the general himself, not the son.

“The general I’m worried about is Gen. Flynn,” Kaine said in an interview. “Gen. Flynn’s trafficking in conspiracy stories that a fourth grader would find incredible suggests either that he’s highly gullible or that he’s so consumed with malice that he loses his ability to judge what’s fact and what’s fiction.”

Kaine added, “Having a national security adviser who has demonstrated either such gullibility or such malice in charge of offering advice to the President on the critical national security issues of the day, I think, is highly highly troubling.”

The only troubling thing is the fact that men who served our country for decades are being compared to fourth-graders.

Here’s the tweet that landed Flynn’s son in a great deal of trouble:

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