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UH-OH: Two Democrat Electors Make SHOCK Announcement… Liberals Are On Edge



There’s been a lot of media coverage about the couple of faithless Republican electors planning to undermine Donald Trump’s win by voting for someone else.

However, Hillary Clinton is facing the same dilemma.

Newsmax reports:

Two Colorado presidential electors pledged to Democrat Hillary Clinton have filed a federal lawsuit against the state’s law requiring them vote for the winner of the state’s popular vote, The Denver Post reports.

The electors are part of an effort to block Republican President-elect Donald Trump from taking office by denying him the 270 electoral votes needed when electors vote in their respective states on December 19.

Some states, such as Colorado, require their electors to vote for the candidate who won the state’s popular vote, while others are free to vote for whomever they choose.

Polly Baca and Robert Nemanich filed the suit, and Republican Secretary of State Wayne Williams said he will replace them if they don’t back down. However, Baca and Nemanich say that violates the U.S. Constitution.

The faithless electors are trying to garner enough Democrats and Republicans that are dissatisfied with Trump to vote for Kasich.

But in the end, this will only wind up with two less electoral votes for Hillary Clinton — because any electoral vote that’s not for the assigned candidate will only wind up hurting them.

And in this case, it’s Hillary Clinton.

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