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Trump Spent Less On Carrier Deal Than Obama Spent On A Guantanamo Bay Soccer Field



By keeping 1,000 workers employed in their Indianapolis, Ind., manufacturing plant, Carrier Air Conditioning will receive $700k per year in state incentives, thanks to negotiations by President-Elect Donald Trump and Vice President-Elect Mike Pence.

Trump flew to the plant today to seal the deal. Trump will have spent less and produced more value with his concession to Carrier than the $750K President Obama spent on a single soccer field built in 2012 at the Camp 6 Guantanamo Bay prison for Al-Queda trained terrorists.

The high security penitentiary known as Camp 6 holds up 200 foreign national prisoners whose ankles are chained to the floor when watching TV in the common area. It’s hard to imagine how that plays out on a soccer field.

In 2009, President Obama used executive order to begin the release of detainees and force the subsequent closure of the Guantanamo Bay facilities. Currently, the total detainee population consists of 61 prisoners. Obama would like to see them released, too, revealing that, “the prison is unnecessary, costs too much and serves as a recruitment tool for terrorists.”

Expensive indeed. The soccer field comes at a price of $12K per prisoner, whereas the Carrier deal is a $700 per employee investment.

It looks like that stunning soccer field will lie empty, unlike the Carrier plant in Indianapolis, which will provide steady paychecks for a thousand American employees.

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