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This Picture Proves Trump Won In A LANDSLIDE



The leftists aren’t going to be happy with this…

Comparing the popular vote against the Electoral College vote gives a clear picture of America’s dissatisfaction with Democrat presidential candidate Hillary Clinton.

Most of America is more than willing to give political outsider Donald Trump an opportunity to bring the United States back to its former greatness.

Trump won the 2016 Presidential election in a geographic landslide.

Take a look:



Twice now in recent history, Democrats have lost a presidential election through the Electoral College even though they won the popular vote. As a result, Senator Barbara Boxer (D-Calif.) has introduced a bill in Congress to do away with the Electoral College and give Hillary the presidency.

Trump has 306 electoral votes compared to Hillary’s 232. Disgruntled Hillary supporters insist that getting 2.5 million more popular votes than Donald Trump is worthy of recognition.

Arguing about the popular vote is the liberal left’s way of saying they are winners when in actuality, they are sore losers. Remember that this is the group that expects to receive participation trophies for their endeavors, and they cry when they perceive their idyllic worldview is threatened.

Maybe they’ll accept maps as consolation prizes in lieu of trophies – maps of Donald Trump’s America.

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