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Syrian Refugees Light Man On FIRE For Christmas… And Obama Wants To Bring Them ALL In



Refugees are raping, pillaging, and lighting people on fire, yet Obama still wants to bring these people into the United States — not by hundreds, or thousands, but by hundreds of thousands.

The Daily Caller reports:

German authorities arrested seven refugees Tuesday morning in connection to an assault committed against a homeless man in a Berlin subway station.

According to the Daily Mail, the refugees — six from Syria and one from Libya — were arrested after a CCTV camera in the Schonleinstrabe station filmed the Christmas eve attack.

The suspects’ ages range from 15 to 21, and Berlin Police spokesman Thomas Neuendorf stated the 21 year old is being treated as the primary suspect.

The six other suspects reportedly cheered and celebrated their companion’s actions before all seven escaped via train.

Though the victim managed to escape without life-threatening injuries, Neuendorf reported the case is being investigated as an attempted murder.

Also, here’s a video of a man dressed up as an Islamic State soldier showing how awful the border is between Germany and Denmark.

It seems anyone and everyone can come in to these countries — thankfully, America rejected Hillary Clinton’s proposal of allowing 500,000 refugees per year.

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